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Money Grubbing versus Reality

Budget figures


Budget figures
« on: June 07, 2008, 10:47:25 PM »

Kathy, maybe I’ve missed it, but I haven’t seen a request for budget figures yet for the grant proposals. Not that we have a lot of money to be basing a budget on…
However, I’d like to see what they would like to know!

Yours for grace and mercy,


Re: Budget figures
« Reply #1 on: Today at 12:05:44 AM »

This is not Sosen’s current budget, it is future budget needs. For instance, estimated costs for supplies, symposiums (with a breakdown, travel, speakers etc), money for RSO family emergencies, 800# just to name a few. I haven’t had too much time this week to work on this. I hope to get some more done by the meeting tomorrow. I too work full time and my time is limited. We can only do what we can in the time we are allotted!!! Maybe you can come up with some dollar amounts? Thank you!
See the list below for information required for the letter.

All letters of inquiry must include:

Full contact information for the principal project contact, including mailing address, phone, fax, and email

Description of the organization that will undertake the proposed project

Description of the project for which funds are sought, including a specific description of how the project’s goals will be achieved

Preliminary project budget and amount requested (there is no minimum or maximum request)
2008 Application Period

Letters of inquiry for new projects will be accepted between May 1 and August 1, 2008, ONLY.

Applicants will be notified via email within 1-2 weeks of receipt that their requests have been received. Decisions will be made by September 1, after which time candidates will receive a letter of declination or an invitation to submit a full proposal. During the review period, The After Prison Initiative is not able to respond to inquiries regarding the status of a funding request.

“To continue to provide current research, education and a network support system, our organization requests your support in the amount of $500,000.”

The After Prison Initiative
2008 Grantees:

  • Community Legal Services 2008
    A grant to lead national impact litigation to remove unreasonable employment barriers faced by people with criminal records and to create legal precedents around and raise public consciousness about the unlawful practices that deny people with criminal records access to employment.

    $300,000 | 3 years | www.clsphila.org

  • Corps Network 2008A grant to subsidize travel, hotel, and food costs for Civic Justice Corps members and staff to attend Green For All’s Dream Reborn, a four-day conference that explores promising, equitable, ecologically friendly solutions for creating jobs, justice, wealth, health, and sustainable communities, with a focus on youth of color. $20,000 | 6 months | www.corpsnetwork.org
  • Harvard University 2008A grant to convene leading magnet school planners, Hope VI developers, and Justice Reinvestment experts to assess the feasibility of using public housing transformation, magnet schools, and Justice Reinvestment resources to create new opportunities for integrating residential neighborhoods and public schools. $25,000 | 6 months | www.charleshamiltonhouston.org
  • PEN American Center 2008A grant to provide matching bridge funding for the PEN Prison Writing Program as the organization works to expand and diversify its funding. $60,000 | 2 years | www.pen.org
  • Prison Policy Initiative 2008A grant to continue research, public education, and policy advocacy to reform the current Census Bureau practice of counting incarcerated people as residents of the towns in which they are imprisoned. $150,000 | 3 years | www.prisonpolicy.org
  • Temple University 2008A grant to expand and nationally replicate the Inside-Out Exchange, a model strategy for increasing access to education for people in prison. $200,000 | 3 years | www.temple.edu/inside-out/

Sosen budget needs to disseminate free materials already on the internet: $500,000
Sosen Grant: 0

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