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Tom was ready for anything

Tom Madison to be on television…
« on: October 08, 2007, 10:41:28 AM »

Tom Madison will be on the Mike and Juliet show on the Fox Network, Wednesday morning. He will be appearing with known author and a retired professor of constitutional law and criminal law. , John Q. La Fond. Mr. La Fond has written a book entitled, “Preventing Sexual Violence : How Society Should Cope With Sex Offenders (05 Edition)”.


Good Luck Tommy boy………watch yer back, as you know these media types (they of the double digit I.Q.’s en mass) might have some shite like Laura Ahearn lurking off stage.

Jackie Sparling:

I just got off the phone with Tom. He’s stretched out on a king size bed in a 4 ROOM SUITE, 17 floors up, looking right out at Times Square. It brought a tear to my eye, because I miss NYC almost more than I miss my husband.

Last night, he and I had a mini VAT class, where I played a nasty person in the audience throwing nasties at him disguised as questions….let me assure you, he’s ready, and ready for anything.

I am very VERY proud to work so closely with a man with so much character, strength, and will. Even though he knows it is risky to do this, he also knows it’s a risk well worth taking, and he’s going to get his points out by golly, and that’s that. Think positively. That’s the key, it really is.

We are all very blessed to have Tom manning the helm of this organization. He works extremely hard trying to make things better for all of us out there. We’ve all got to step up to the plate and say, “here I am Tom, what can I do to help”? I don’t care how little the task is, as long as it’s getting done, I’m going to be thankful for whoever is doing it.

Tom has a lot of knowledge to pass along, so that we can get more people in front of cameras making more and more videos. We REALLY need someone to take on the job of getting our finished product out to the right venues.


What a complete AMBUSH!

First, the bald headed psycho-babble idiot doctor needs to keep his yap shut

Second - who WAS that born to be beat “advocate” of the missingoffenders.org?
She was a Laura Ahearn clone

Third - the lawyer both misquoted rapists recidivism rates, and blinked like he got gut punched

Fourth - The “hosts” - a bimbo and a dyed hair loser - attacked Tom and asked all sorts of crap about his offense - to titlate their audience - which

Fifth: The audience was made up of senior citizens and lackeys

SIXTH! - The shite program’s NEXT segment was on “friends with benefits”!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to say it - BUT I TOLD YOU SO……..THE MEDIA….THEY NEVER CHANGE

more later…….that was out and out CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What Tom did today was a very brave thing. It was a first, and he made some really important connections, which alone, are gold.

Whether we thought it went well or not, he deserves our support, and words of encouragement. He’s put himself out there, brave enough to have his face and name in front of a tv camera, or even just his real name and phone number out there on the internet connected to the infamous label of “sex offender”. He’s doing all he does in trying to forge a path that others can follow.

He deserves kudos for his courage and conviction. Anyone who saw this as a “flop” doesn’t understand the goal, or how important it is to make connections and gain new allies and contacts.

Tom and I both view this as a success, the first of many to come. I got this man on a major television program, which was one of my goals, and one that I thought was going to take me a lot longer to do. For me, the fact that he was on television, was a success in itself.


I wanted to see the show but being in Oregon it was not aired here.
http://people.howstuffworks.com/police-interrogation.htm I got this off SoHopeful site when I was in the Air Force overseas all flying personal needed to go to Brain Washing classes.
It has helped me so much in my life.
Read it; it will help you to understand how you can be manipulated.
And made into one of America’s SHEEP knowing is power confusion and hopelessness is the name of the game.


I give Tom a lot of props for the courage he has to even be in the same room as these shites; sanctimonious knuckleheads who have about as much right to judge others as a moron sight inspecting a physics blackboard problem.

However, I won’t put lipstick on a pig; Tom was shanghaied by these wonks, and hoodwinked by the producers of this………..show.

It was the “pardon me for speaking while you are interrupting” gab-bloviation, corralled by Dr. Buy My Book, who didn’t know facts, but since’s got the medical fruit salad behind his name, every imbecile believes him, and the whole flush-fest was monitored by two mental defectives, who between them, have opened a gapeing hole in the ozone with the hairspray they shellack on their follicles, preening to an audience/”jury” of half-dead losers/freebie ticket holders on a lame-assed Regis & Kelly me-too program that was as deep as a pothole.


Tom did well, what I think my need to be done is get Tom’s full name on Google and Internet explorer’s search engine.
So someone can type his name in and it takes them to SoClear.org.
Tom you’ve got testy’s! I don’t know if he’d go for this but it’s a thought.
This way if there is another TV show and only Tom’s name is said, someone can look up are website.
Tom will pick himself up, dust himself off, give them the beloved “California salute” ( The Finger) get on the phone.
Make a collect call to Spartacus and say next stadium please.


Tom - you did a great job all things considered. I think one of the things we need to work on (maybe role play it with the VAT classes and let us know what you all come up with) is how to “confront” these interviewers and hosts that allow the other side to constantly interrupt and talk over our side, while insisting that we hear THEM out. And I put confront in quotes, because we’ve got to find a way to do it diplomatically, so we’re not seen as being a$$es. At the same time, we’ve got to make it obvious that that IS what is happening. While it is painfully clear to us, I would bet the average person watching such a conversation never realized that 1 side was being allowed to control and manipulate the entire thing. So, we need some way to NICELY bring attention to that fact for the viewing/listening audience.

And Caribe, I TOTALLY agree with you about that couple. The clothes certainly were not the best, but not everyone can afford a nice suit. But at least take the time to do your hair nicely and don’t sit there with a dumbstruck, deer in the headlights look. They looked doped up. Certainly not going to be our favorite poster children for the SO reform movement. :-( Tom - at least you looked put together and respectable. And, of course, they had to pick on that, making snide remarks about since you wore a suit and could travel, you obviously weren’t having too tough a time of it. Jerks!

And I really loved the one guy’s slippery slope comment. Doesn’t he realize that the slope goes both ways. And the way it’s going right now is directly counter to our constitution and Bill of Rights - not to mention following the same path Germany followed 70 years ago! I suppose that guy is absolutely perfect and never ever broke the law or did anything immoral or unethical! Shoot, maybe we need to start calling him Jesus?!


Lemme…clarify my take;

Tom: Did well considering he walked into an imbecilic verbal machine gunning….

Mike: Slap a goofy hat on him, and he could have passed for the Scarecrow a la The Wizard if Oz - before he got a brain.

Juliet: Chosen for her looks, not brains - which was on display full frontal. LOVED her cooing in the next segment; “Friends with Benefits”. Bet she has men stashed all over……. Manhattan - sha-doobie.

Dr. Preening Book Seller: Should give lectures on how to interrupt people when they are speaking.

The Lawyer: Needs eyedrops. And a fact sheet. And study time.

Ms. Advocate: Needs chin catcher to keep jaw from dropping. If she’s the spearhead for those missing on the registry, and I’m one of them (which I’m not), I wouldn’t break a sweat.

The Twin Dakota Kids: Ill-prepared - but who could be, seeing that they were cannon fodder for the blow-dried twins, and Dr. Lemmetalkyoucan’tonceyerbadyerbadnoexceptionsyouneedtobewatchedforeverforgetabouteveryothertypeofcrimebecauseit’s…….forthechildrendon’tyaknow.

Note to Faith: I can walk into any Goodwill store, plop 10 bucks on the counter, and have me a suit that would look like Saville Row on camera. Ditto a dress - only I don’t go that way.

The segment: Worthless, in that nothing substantial was said. Glad Tom got to see the Big Apple - only worthwhile part of trip.

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